Judicial Commission Recommendations to First Presbytery

  • First Presbytery received the following one page document as information in January 2017. Months later (July 2017) Presbytery dealt with the issues raised, in that document, by means of a sermon and a prayer. Later that day, I was suspended from ministry; yet the matters which are listed on that page, are the very matters, regarding spiritual abuse, about which I became a whistleblower. The fear which is mentioned, there, is real. It prevents members of First Presbytery from openly dealing with obvious and frequent abuse of spiritual authority. I was found innocent of the charge of bearing false witness; so why is nothing done about these things? Fear. Fear is the reason - and for good reason - look at me, I am deposed, unemployed, and the ARP Church I pastored was closed.

ARP Whistleblower

My name is Scott Robar. Another ARP whistleblower, told me in June 2017, that I needed to either submit to two ARP ministers and an elder, or leave the ARP denomination.  He was giving me a helpful warning; but I didn't submit to those three men, nor did I leave. So I was deposed from ministry on Oct. 10, 2017 - my ordination was removed. 

I'll leave the three years of prior struggle out of this for now; but hundreds of pages of evidence can be easily uploaded to this site, along with audio recordings. In addition to being deposed, the church that I pastored was closed. I had told that other whistleblower that the three men (mentioned above) were at the center of my three year struggle; and he replied saying, "Those three men run First Presbytery.” Hence, His warning to me, that I needed to submit to them or leave. That other whistleblower's website is ARPTalk.com. He has been expressing his opinions, regarding individuals involved in the ARP's college and seminary for nearly ten years. 

While few things could be more contrary to Presbyterian polity than for three men to run a Presbytery (btw far and away the very largest ARP Presbytery), this fellow whistleblower has refuesd to join me in addressing this. He has publicly named names and attempted to shame many others; so I doubt that I will hear any complaint from him about this. 

Additionally, the elder in First Presbytery, one of the three controlling guys mentioned earlier, was the ARPTalk webmaster and comment screener for several years. This is even noted in a thick Synod Report a few years ago, in a failed attempt by some to censure the ARPTalk whistleblower.

Recently (Synod June 2017), my appeal and my complaint against First Presbytery were underhandedly dismissed, without a word to me from the Executive Board, nor was there any word to the Synod.  My timely filed and received complaint (July 2017) and appeal (October 2017) we’re simply dropped without a word. Complaints against First Presbytery were dismissed, at the ARP Synod 2017, in a different way. I have plenty of audio and written evidence to post in the coming days. 

In both 2017 and 2018 Rev. Vaughn Hathaway also had complaints against First Presbytery; those were also dropped in similarly disturbing ways.

In the last few days (June 2018 after Synod), I have had an email exchange with the ARPC Parliamentarian, Rev. Andrew Putnam. He has written that he told me “several times“ why my my complaint and appeal didn‘t get presented at Synod 2018. You, dear reader, can be the judge of that, when I post our email exchanges, which were cc’d to both the Executive Director and Principle Clerk of the ARPC.  

Expect the massive upload of that email exchange and more on June 26 and 27. You’ll get to hear First Presbytery’s, then, Chairman of Examiniations tell three elders that they are going to go to hell for not answering his questions. You’ll get to hear a former moderator of the ARPC tell those same three elders, in that same public meeting, that they are all going to receive the same wrath from God for their refusal to answer questions, as was their right BOD VI.2. Synod, supported that right of theirs; yet nothing has been done with the men who so viciously denigrated those three elders. First Presbytery’s Stated Clerk led the Presbytery into an abusive executive session, in order to charge and censure Rev. Hathaway for letting the three defamed elders know of their BOD VI.2 rights. The details of that executive session were written out and distributed publicly by that same Stated Clerk, who was also a member of the Garage Gang fellowship of ministers and elders. He controls the distribution of the Record of my Trial, in which that group was exposed.

The beginning of the entire matter is this: three elders wanted something different than their pastor and one other elder, in 2014. So it was a three against two situation in the session. This happened at Lakeside ARP Church In Mooresville, NC. The chairman and vice chairman of First Presbytery’s M&HWC took it upon themselves to tell two of those three elders to step off of the Session; so that the pastor and his one agreeing elder would have the majority say. They did that in the name of the M&HWC, even though the committee had no such authority and the committee knew nothing about the trouble at Lakeside, until over a month later. 

Before the committee knew anything of trouble, there, all of the deacon families and all but one of the elder families had left Lakeside, due to what the M&HWC chairman and vice chairman did on their own. One of those two was the ARPTalk webmaster, mentioned above. His pastor is one of the three men whom Rev. Chuck Wilson says, “run First Presbytery.“ That elder’s pastor just ended his moderatorship of the ARPC, and he is one of the three men whom Chuck says “run First Presbytery.” The minister, Rev. Lee Shelnutt, also has been protecting his elder, Mr. Anthony Navarro, since at least as early as March 2015, while he has supported the defamation of me.

I should receive no grief for this, being that First Presbytery (twice the size of the next largest ARP Presbytery) never weighed in against the ARPTalk website. And why would it, being that one of men who “run First Presbytery” was that website’s webmaster, ie, Mr.  Navarro.

Do you remember the “Snow Synod“? Please check out the names of those who were instrumental in bringing that about. I am ashamed of my own part in that. Check out the names closely, and see what positions they have in the ARPC, now.  And if you don’t know about the “Garage Gang,” existing about 15 years as a secret society within First Presbytery, which met once per month,  just ask the Stated Clerk of First Presbytery for the access code to the Record of the Case for my January 2017 Trial. It’s all there. I, myself, was a member of the Garage Gang. 

The ARPC will very likely be changing for the worse in the coming days, unless all of this is openly discussed. A good swing to the right, theologically; but diminishing love.  

[Pictures:The New Covenant sanctuary and my former office].